Brotherhood of the White Temple

Dr. Doreal's Quotes
No force, no manifestation of any kind comes into being without there being some action of consciousness.
Attunement with the Divine
The entire work of the Neophhyte is to break the bondage of the limitation of awareness
Conquer fear and you have gained light
When you need a certain thing in the material world – go out and get it and never think you are not going to get it! It is a matter of consciousness.
In the East we are taught that all experiences come to us in life because we ourselves create them
Sometimes it is our failure to do things which puts us into a cycle of bad fortune. Perhaps we have not done anything to deserve anything else.
It is only when we are out of harmony with Divine Law that imperfect and negative experiences afflict us.
By doubting the power within, we give power to those things that have no power other than the power we give them
Every manifestation of the Divine in the world, everyone who has made themselves or has been an open channel of God to shine through, has made themselves a Sun of God.
When one becomes unconscious of the physical body as either being in a condition of health or sickness, it will remain in a perfectly balanced state.
We have the power to know that no storm of life can overcome us, nothing can affect the soul that is immortal within. It is only because you doubt your own God-head that you lose the power of God.
It is our fear that gives life power over us. It is when we meet life with an equilibrated mind and consciousness that those things cease to bother us.
The only lasting gains for individuals or nations is that made by doing the right thing at the right time with the right purpose.
He who knows the fire that is within himself shall ascend unto the eternal fire and dwell in it eternally
Each of you have the Divine creative power to create good or evil, nothing that comes to you has any more power than you give it.
We must learn to discipline our body so it does what we desire it to do and we must discipline the mind so it does as we command it.
Most of us fear and doubt not only ourselves but God also, that is because we have not made a condition of harmony which is God to manifest in.
It is only the things we overcome and master that cause us to grow