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About The Brotherhood of the White Temple Church

Spiritual teachings and development

The Brotherhood of the White Temple is an organization devoted to the advancement of metaphysical and spiritual knowledge and the furtherance of the Brotherhood of man and the establishing of contact with the God-Soul or Universal Consciousness. All lessons were prepared under the direction of the Supreme Voice (Dr. M. Doreal) and approved by the Great White Lodge before being made available to the student. The Supreme Voice tested every law, principle, experiment and exercise before having been given to the student. The Brotherhood is a visible agent for the Invisible Great White Lodge whose authority is acknowledged in all things.

The earnest, sincere student who desires to approach the Great Adepts is given the opportunity to prepare themselves for contact with the Great Adepts. The Great Adepts of the White Lodge, working from higher spiritual planes, guide and aid the student who has made himself ready for such aid. Through this guidance, they are directed along the path of life in such manner that they are able to live in harmony with Divine Law. The Brotherhood extends an invitation to all worthy, sincere  students to affiliate in the great work. It is our privilege to be a Light-Bearer, if you so will.

About the Brotherhood Headquarters

The Brotherhood headquarters is located in Sedalia, Colorado on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. True seekers for truth and wisdom are invited to affiliate with a group of earnest and sincere searchers who are working day and night to make the vision of a mighty center of Light, love and peace come true. Much has been accomplished, but with your help, the vision in its entirety can be materialized.

Mastering Your Destiny

Every person wants to master their life and the environment in which they live. Most of us fail to do so because we do not know how to use the Divine Laws of God in our everyday affairs. Many wise men of the past learned how to attune themselves with these mighty laws and use them and as a result, became  masters of circumstances and things instead of being mastered by them. These men and women became the Adepts, the Masters, so often referred to in occult lore.The Brotherhood knows these laws and teaches them to worthy students who sincerely desire to take their place in the Divine Plan and work in harmony with these laws. We recognize health as a vital factor in development and therefore, teach metaphysical healing. We teach spiritual anatomy and the development of the spiritual centers and powers. We teach you how to master the circumstances of your own  life so that you become master of it instead of mastered by it. We teach the strange mysteries of the East long hidden from western man. Secrets of the Kabbala, Alchemy, Yoga, Gnosticism and the ancients mysteries are taught clearly and simply so that both beginner and advanced students will gain enlightenment from the first lesson. You will be astounded at the knowledge gained by reading and applying the principles taught in the lessons.


I have been a member of the Brotherhood of the White Temple for over 10 years. I’m so grateful to be a member of this wonderful organization. I’ve learned about spiritual healing, controlling thoughts, staying positive, importance of Divine Laws, understanding causes and their effects on our life, our purpose here on earth, listening to our inner voice etc. I have learned so much through these lessons that I haven’t felt the need to go elsewhere because these teachings are complete. They cover everything that we need to help us in our spiritual growth.

I have learned a lot from Dr. Diane England, especially about Cosmic Laws and how they affect us. She has always been supportive guiding members along the spiritual path. Among all the spiritual organizations I have come across, the Brotherhood of the White Temple shines like a beacon of light. I wish more people would follow these teachings. We are not given these on a platter and the path is not easy but if we persevere and are steadfast in our goals, we receive the help we need to move forward every step of the way. The metaphysical lessons given to members are enough to gain our spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime.

– Nina M.