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Light on the Path Magazine
Light on the Path Magazine

Light on the Path Magazine

We dedicate this magazine to those who are seeking the Light and the way to Universal Understanding and Cosmic Oneness; to those who desire to be shown the Path in an unbiased manner and in a concise way. It coordinates all of the various and kindred branches of metaphysical, religious and physical sciences. Among the subjects that are contained in our magazine are philosophy, ancient and modern religion, symbology, cosmology, Kabbalism, alchemistry, folklore, psychology, chemistry, archeology, and various religious and metaphysical sciences and such literature that contain spiritual value.

Truth is that “which is”, and can never be shaken regardless how man may attempt to circumscribe it. “Know ye the truth and the truth shall set you free,” is as vital today as when Jesus spoke it. All attainment is the result of growth and development of understanding, a gradual unfoldment from the bud to the full flower.

The Magazine is published by the Brotherhood. Doreal began publishing The Light on the Path in 1938 and we have been making it available to our readers ever since.

Our magazine will, in most cases, contain around 83 pages. For as long as we are able, the subjects contained in each magazine will be on one particular subject, such as Jesus, Creation, the teachings of the Masters, etc. Almost all of the articles are by Dr. Doreal. Because of the content and the depth of the information given in our magazines, and the high costs of paper, ink, etc. we are sending 3 issues per year. If you would like a sample copy sent to you or a friend, we will be happy to do so if you can provide us with an address of where to send it.

Each yearly subscription is $45.00 plus $15.00 for postage. The depth of the teachings in these magazines is so great that we have no doubt that you will find them worth more than their weight in gold.