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Brotherhood of the White Temple


Thank you, Dr. Doreal, for giving us these unbelievable teachings! I joined the Brotherhood in 1976, and I cannot even imagine how boring and spiritually uneventful my life would be without them. Even after all these years, I am amazed at how much I am learning. Seems the more I learn, the more there is to learn. Almost all of the people I have met in the classes held in Shamballa have become friends for life. Truly an amazing experience! It is so nice to know we are always watched and helped by these great Masters of Light.

Elizabeth D., Buena Vista, Colorado


I have searched my entire life looking for the truth of life, why we are here, and what our purpose is, only to be deceived time after time by people who call themselves masters, teachers of truth, spiritual leaders and gurus, etc., etc. It has been disappointment after disappointment. Although I am fairly new to the work in comparison to some who have been in the Brotherhood for thirty and forty years, I feel like I have finally found an organization I can trust and believe in. The Brotherhood office staff has been great. I plan to visit in the near future to meet these kind and generous folks.

C. Cossette, Dallas, Texas


I have been practicing the most basic Brotherhood exercises for the past 35 years. Thanks to this, I have reinforced not only my physical body and my mental strength, but also my magnetic power and life force.

This power has increased my ability to attract the positive things to my life, and repulse the negative. It has also deepened my ability to think, and my overall learning. It has increased my insight and intuition.
Because of this, I am driven even more to study and learn.

Tsuneki K., A Japanese Student


I have been a member of the Brotherhood of the White Temple for only a little over a year, but even in this short amount of time, I am completely amazed at what I have learned from these teachings. Because of the balance these teachings are bringing to my life, a health problem I have been dealing with for the last ten years has completely disappeared, and I am feeling whole again. I am also learning more things about our universe than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Dr. Doreal! You have changed my life!

Eva Denton


As a 2nd generation BWT member growing up in South Africa, Dr. Doreal’s teachings played a very important role in cultivating a positive outlook. The teachings provide insight and tools to overcome challenges i.e. fear, doubt, betrayal, sickness, etc. which are no different from the times of Jesus and when Dr. Doreal wrote them. They aided me in finding ways, to make what we read a part of every day life and not giving in to thinking that we don’t have enough time, enough space, are alone or our family are not members. It was a privilege to visit the Head Quarters in Colorado and meet the staff that work so hard to keep everything in order and get our correspondence mailed out locally and internationally.

Thank you to the BWT staff and those working behind the scenes for your dedication and service to us all!

A Brotherhood member


At the age of 57 and having spent my life in the pursuit of trying to “find the meaning of life” it is clear to me that the Temple of the White Brotherhood and its teachings are practical, sensible, eminently applicable to daily life and extremely illuminating.

My being has healed physically with each lesson and with my practise of the lessons (now on Grade 3 Lesson 6), my mind and physical self has changed in an amazingly wonderful vibrational way. I have more understanding and consideration for the process of being human on this planet. It has become a daily occurrence now that small miracles occur. My healing abilities are more attuned thanks to the teachings of Dr Doreal and his writings, especially in the Light On The Path magazine. I feel parched with a thirst for the knowledge presented and I pace to the letterbox in excited anticipation for more guidance from the great Adepts and Illuminated Masters. Grateful beyond words for the opportunity to receive such knowledge and happy to grow with light and know that it is right and true. Hoping and imagining that somehow, me being just a speck of dust in this cosmos, that I can help a wee bit to bring our planet to peace and unified love by joining with the White Brotherhood in mind and soul.

Marlena O., New Zealand, Member


From an early age I was very weak and lethargic one, but I studied the Knowledge of spirit and its developing exercise, and now I have a vitality and strong body. My view of value was coming and going as to my selfish benefits, but I learned the BWT teachings and now my one is the conquer of negative and disorder. Frequently we have a complex, negative and brain freeze thoughts, in that case I watch the thoughts and then my mind and consciousness is gradually fresh and clear.

H. Y. Lee, South Korea


I am opening a medical clinic. Two years ago, a real estate agent gave me a proposal to buy a four-story building. At that time, the management of the clinic was not on track, and the circumstance was filled with juggling of funds. But, after discussing with the real estate agent well, I found that it is then better to buy that building rather than just to continue the current situation which had no economical hope.

At that time, the first thing which hit my brain was Dr. Doreal’s teachings that we must maintain the material, mental and spiritual balance. We cannot ignore the current material circumstances, but it IS important for us to arrange in order our body, work, life conditions. By so balancing and maintaining these three planes, we walk the Path spiritually.

Firmly keeping the teaching in mind, I bought the building, and re-opened my medical clinic in the first floor. I worked very hard.

Since that time, two years have passed. Now, the balance of the clinic became a surplus and the balance of the bank account became a fairly abundant than before. Thus the financial worry disappeared!

To keep the balance of the three planes sounds vague. But, simply thinking, it is to transmute one by one the circumstances we face, the work, the human relationship or our spiritual learning and so on to the harmonious and balanced conditions. By so doing, in any planes or dimensions, anything can manifest the balance and harmony finally. I am deeply appreciating Dr. Doreal’s teachings very much and make it the guidance of my life.

Eiyu, Japan


The Brotherhood compassionately teaches timeless knowledge and laws governing essential and absolute truths. The insight imparted helps both in establishing important honesties and in deciphering lifes’ greater mysteries. It elucidates how what at first may appear ineffable can, with focused effort, be understood. The knowledge helps me live in such a way as to feel like a more coherent part of the universe.

Explanations are universal, elegant, empowering, and meet me at the level of understanding I’m prepared for. Teachings resonate with me on a cellular level and help activate dormant channels leading to self-knowing. The learning journey is enriching; I feel more serene, I trust in my inner guide, I think more of others, and especially of how I can be of service in creating a more loving, harmonious world. I’m evermore thankful to Dr. Doreal, Dr. England, and the Brotherhood for generously sharing wisdom and guidance along the path.

A Canadian truth seeker


Dr. Doreal and the Brotherhood teachings are very enlightening for those who truly seek to build the pyramid of self within the Universe. For the power of truth is so real and such a positive energy, that reading his words are as if he is literally speaking them to me in person.

Light, Love, Truth, and Peace,
360 Degrees

Leon V., a Brotherhood Member