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Dear Seeker of Truth,

We are happy to provide you our free literature on the teachings of the Brotherhood of the White Temple.

Although our teachings are Bible-based, incorporated in them are teachings from the far East, as Dr. M. Doreal, the founder of our church, studied in Tibet for eight years. Through his in-depth study of the Bible, he has been able to give us a clearer understanding of what Jesus taught his disciples, and those who had “ears to hear, and eyes to see”.

We believe that all paths lead to God, regardless of the name of any church or religion, as long as one is taught of God and the brotherhood of all humankind. We are all from the same great source, God, regardless of race, color, creed or religion. One can never expect to attain the highest state of consciousness until they have attuned themselves with God and fulfilled their part in the Cosmic Plan and become ONE with the ALL.

The Brotherhood’s teachings were given to us for the purpose of showing us our relationship to God, the Universe, each another, and our own higher selves. When we learn the laws of the Cosmos, and how to use them, we can become ONE with them, and attain Cosmic consciousness, or Divine Illumination.

Dr. Doreal said not to blindly believe anything we are told, but to use and apply the laws and principles in his teachings. Only thus can we learn the workings of the Divine Laws and KNOW for ourselves. The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients which have been so closely guarded for thousands upon thousands of years will be revealed to us, and the keys of the Universe will be ours. It is up to us to open the door.

If Divine Illumination, Oneness with humankind and the Universe, is your desire, we invite you to become One with us in this great work and we would look forward to working with you.

In Cosmic Harmony,

Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc.

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Brotherhood of the White Temple - Introductory Literature


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Of all the paths I have taken, The best by far has been the Brotherhood of the White Temple. The instruction gave me a blue print for better health, direction, and a much clearer perception of our place with the association with the greatest people in the field of metaphysics I’ve ever known…Dr Diane England is to be commended for her leadership, compassion and her gift of Sight.. I met some friends there whom are still with me after 34 years!.. Special accolades to Dr. S. Williams for her dedication and friendship.

Matthew L.