Masters Visible and Invisible - Brotherhood of the White Temple

Masters Visible and Invisible




Masters, Visible and Invisible contains inestimable information about the Masters which every student of Truth should know. So many varied ideas have been given about the Masters that the average student has little or no real understanding of them. This work eliminates the hypothetical concepts which so many have been led into believing and explains the natural life and manifestation of the Masters.

This writing gives valuable information about the Masters of the Great White Lodge, the Children of Light, and the Angels or Logoi of the Seven Spiritual Planets which circle the Spiritual Sun. Doreal shows the Nine Zones of Color and Light and how the Masters Koot Hoomi, Moyra, Hilarion, and others, manifest in these zones, helping and teaching those bound in darkness. He explains why the visible Masters may appear in either sex and why they have appeared more often as men than as women, and why the Invisible Masters are said to be neither male no female.

And in addition to the above priceless information, Dr. Doreal gives the four aspects of the Soul as it is taught In the Kabbala, and other teachings of the Ancients.