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Cosmology and Cosmgony




The Mystery of the Universe is contained in the unwritten Kabbala; the Keys to the understanding of the formation of the earth, the beginning of man and of his evolution to the consummation are veiled in its symbolism. In the old Kabbalistic Mystery Schools these keys were taught to the select few. Because they were never written, the Occult Wisdom of the Kabbala, the Sepher Yetzirah, the Book of Concealed Wisdom, and the rest of the Ancient Teachings have been lost to the world at large . The findings of modern Science have not as yet even scratched the surface of the Great Knowledge which the Ancient Races knew about the Laws of Creation and of the manner in which the Supreme Hidden One manifested in the material.

The Mysteries which Doreal has given in this book are much too great and all-encompassing to iterate in this review. May it suffice by saying that COSMOGONY AND COSMOLOGY is more than a history of Universal events, for he has shown the coming forth of the Laws of Creation while they were in the World of Formation even before the Cosmic Condensation became manifest.