Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean - Original Translation

Brotherhood of the White Temple

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

A Literal English To Spanish Translation Which Also Includes The 1939 Original
Unchanged, Unedited English Edition

What are the Emerald Tablets?

Emerald Tablets of Thoth the AtlanteanTranslated by Dr. M. Doreal Some 38,000 years ago, THOTH, an Atlantean Priest king, autobiographically wrote the legend famous Emerald Tablets. In later time, Thoth became known as the God of Wisdom, the Keeper of the Records, the Mighty Magician, and Hermes, the Thrice born. Long before the sinking of Atlantis, Thoth was born on one of its principal islands in the City of KEOR. He was instructed in the Elder Mysteries by his father THOTME, the Keeper of the Temple of the Island of UNAL. Thoth was taught the Temple Mysteries and the Path to AMENTI where he received the Key to Perpetual Life, which became known centuries later as the Fountain of Youth. When Atlantis sank he and his followers migrated to Egypt (Land of KHEM) and founded the Egyptian civilization. Over the HALLS OF AMENTI he erected the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and posited in one of its secret chambers the then archaic records of Ancient Atlantis. The Emerald Tablets contain a history of Atlantis, its mechanical and scientific achievements, the manner it sank below the Atlantean waves, the colonizing of ancient Egypt and even to the construction of the Great Pyramid. But their ‘real’ significance is that they contain the keys to the unfoldment of the Heavens, the Earth, and the Divine Soul of Man. These Tablets are so written that the words respond to attuned thought waves, releasing the associate mental vibrations of an exhilarating rhythm in the mind of the reader. Thus, the magnanimous wisdom of the author is revealed. A casual read will immediately glimpse the thrilling beauty of its rhythm. The Truth Seeker, who is willing to give them a more intensive study, will open avenues to the most intrinsic wisdom; wisdom of unutterable majesty and beauty.

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Where are the Emerald Tablets?

The Emerald Tablets are now hidden in a secret chamber in the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

Dear Reader,

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean has been a book of awe and wonder for decades. Dr. Doreal, the founder of the Brotherhood of the White Temple was authorized by the Great White Lodge to retrieve the Emerald Tablets from the Great Pyramid in the jungles of South America. As he journeyed through the jungles, he endured many hardships, which are described in this book. The purpose, of course, was to bring to humankind many truths about our connection to God and the Cosmos, which have been hidden from him for the last 50,000 years.

The Emerald Tablets have become so popular in the field of metaphysics that, unfortunately, others in this country and abroad, are taking it upon themselves to write their own “translations” or “re-translate” the Tablets and are making money off of unsuspecting readers. Regardless of what these self-appointed translators may say, absolutely NO ONE but Dr. Doreal was ever given permission by the Great White Lodge or the Brotherhood Of the White Temple to translate or reinterpret the Emerald Tablets. (Dr. Pedro Gonzales Milan, from Yucatan, Mexico was, however, commissioned by Dr. Doreal himself in the 1930s to translate Dr. Doreal’s translation and interpretation into Spanish. We do, therefore, have this book in Spanish, also.) Other than Dr. Milan, absolutely NO ONE has ever been given permission, authorized, or commissioned to do such work.

Anyone who studies metaphysics knows that when even one word of an author’s writing is changed, the entire meaning is changed. It has always been a very strict policy of the Brotherhood’s that not one word of Dr. Doreal’s writings are to ever be changed or altered in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

Also, as with every writing by any author, the odic force (or thought impressions) of the writer are imbued in the words and text of their writings. The thought impressions of the original (the Brotherhood’s book) will be of those of Thoth, the writer, and Dr. Doreal, the translator. The writing of other “authors” will be imbued with their own thought impressions, which will absolutely not be what Thoth or Dr. Doreal intended.

It is the same old story as with the Bible. There have always been those whose egos and self-importance prompted them to change Bible texts for one reason or another and much of the truth that was originally conveyed became obscured and lost its true meaning.

Woe to those who have taken such sacred texts as the Tablets and changed the truths therein, and benefited for their own personal gratification and profit, for the effects of what they have sown will surely find them. Greed for money, glory and power will bring to them the causes they themselves have created.

For those who do wish to read or purchase a copy of the original, unchanged book which was translated by Dr. Doreal, you may place an order with the Brotherhood.

In Divine Love,

Brotherhood Of the White Temple, Inc.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

Read, Believe or not, but read, and the vibration found therein will awaken a response in your soul - Doreal

I found the Brotherhood by reading a bogus copy of the Emerald Tablets book put out by Drunvalo Melchesideck and Kristin Vasques (Source Books). Although they had the Brotherhood’s information listed in the back of their book, it did lead me to the Brotherhood. How sad to find out they never even got permission to use the Brotherhood’s book! Is that legal? At last I found the original book and was able to get it from the Brotherhood! I have since become a member and I will never look back.

Kathy R., Lincoln, Nebraska