Dr. M. Doreal, founder of Brotherhood of the White Temple  

Brotherhood of the White Temple

Dr. M. Doreal
Dr. M. Doreal, founder of BWT

Dr. M. Doreal

Dr. M. Doreal is a spiritual teacher of a multitude of seekers of light, having founded the metaphysical church and institute. Doreal is the author of all of the organization’s writings and teachings and was granted permission for the esoteric wisdom to be remitted in the public forum by the Great White Lodge and the Elder Brothers of mankind, who shape and form the spiritual evolution for mankind.  Doreal writes of the secrets of the symbolism of all mystery societies and gives a precisely and beautifully written step by step progression all seekers have searched for in their quest for oneness with God and attainment of the cosmic consciousness. After traveling the world for knowledge of the light and truth, Doreal began publishing his findings in the lessons we now have today. Doreal studied the ancient teachings of the Emerald Tablets, the wisdom of the Kabbalah, and the light Jesus brought to mankind.  He has translated many ancient texts into English and other languages for the masses to read in order for all of us to reach atonement within ourselves and the cosmic universe. All his publications are available through the Brotherhood of the White Temple publication office.


Dear Seekers of Truth,

I’ve had the privilege of studying and practicing Dr. Doreal’s Teachings for over 40 years, and feel blessed for having an opportunity so enriching.

Doreal’s Wisdom is vast and comprehensive, yet his command of Cosmic Laws is so complete that he always brings to light the simple essence of any given subject at hand. In teaching diverse topics such as Healing, the Bible, Kaballah, Western Esoterism or the Mysteries of the East, Doreal always gives the keys to get to the heart of the matter, and shows us how to put the Ancient Wisdom Teachings into practice and apply them in our daily lives.

As a result of working with these Teachings, I feel so grateful to have an ever deepening sense of the interconnectedness of all Souls, all Thought, all Things in the Universe.

Doreal often made it a point to show us the ways in which Thought is Creative, and it is a joy to explore this principle and get it working positively to achieve harmony with our environment, with people, with all life.

Here’s wishing everyone a fulfilling journey into the Light of Truth.

a Friend on the Path