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Any of the following books are $8.00

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Ancient Lands, Religions, and Civilizations

Adam and the Pre-Adamites

Ancient America

Atlantis and Lemuria

The First Age of Man and the Seven Secret Cities

The Inner Earth

Mysteries of the Gobi

Mysteries of the Mayas

Mysteries of Mt. Shasta

Mystery of the Ark of the Covenant

Mystery of the Moon

Polar Paradise

Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

Tibet and Its Religions


Adam and Eve and the First Cycle

Color and Light

Creation and the Fall of Man

Man and the Mystic Universe

Treasures of Light

Wisdom of the Kabbala

Golden Age of Light

Banner of Shamballa

Christ and the Last Days

Cosmic Consciousness, Samadhi and the New Age

Material Man and the Present Conditions and Spiritual MAn and the Future Conditions

Mystery Teachings of the Second Coming of Christ

Mysticism and Mysteries of the New Age

The New Golden Age

The New Religion

Return of the Gods to America

Universal Brotherhood of Man in this New Age

Health and Healing

Astro-Chemical Analysis

Divine Healing

The Great Temple

Mystery of Color

Science of Health

Spinal Brain and Health

Spiritual Alchemistry and Its Relationship to Spiritual Healing and Psychic Ills

Vitamins and Elements


Five Great Initiations as Symbolized in the Life of Jesus

The Life of Jesus

Mystical Teachings in the Gnostic Works Concerning Jesus and the Mysteries

Occult and the Mystery Teachings of Jesus

Secret Teachings of Jesus

Some Previous Incarnations of Jesus and the Unknown Period of His Life

Symbolism of the Life of Jesus

Life and Death

Bardo, Maya, and the Wheel of Life

Bardo or the Journey of the Soul After Death

Many That Are Now Living Will Never Die

Reincarnation, Life After Death

Webs of Destiny

The Wheel of Life

World War and Reincarnation

Masters of Light

Authentic St. Germain

Cosmic White Lodge and the Great White Lodge of this Earth

Fellowship of the Holy Ones

Great Masters of the Himalayas

Maitreya, Lord of the World


Messiah Aggadoth

Milarepa, the Tibetan Saint

Personal Experiences Among the Masters and Great Adepts of Tibet

Secret Teachings of the Himalayan Gurus

Shamballa or the Great White Lodge

Personal Development

Akashic Records and How to Read Them

Astral Projection and How to Accomplish It

Astral Projection, the Astral Body, The Fourth Dimension


Concentration and Relaxation

Dragons of Wisdom

The Dream State

Dweller on the Threshold

How to Live in Harmony With Divine Law

The Inner Light

Man’s Higher Self, His Subtle Bodies – How They Influence His Life

The Master Key

Material Inharmony and How to Overcome It

The Mystic Way

Occult Anatomy of Man, the Astral Plane and Divine Power

On the Path

Our Relation to the Universe

Path to Attainment

The Perfect Way

Personal Magnetism

The Pineal Eye

Secret of True Prayer

The Soul and Its Nature

Soul Cycles

Spirit and Soul

The Supernormal

Thought and Will in Relation to Mantrams

The Two Ways

Other Subjects

Armageddon Plan for Safety

Symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States

The Bible

Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles of Paul (Interpretation) – $12.00

Four Gospels (Interpretation) – $18.00

The Book of Revelations (Interpretation) – $18.00


The Ancient Wisdom – $12.00

Cosmology and Cosmogony – $12.00

Creation – by Metro Dimion – $6.00

The Kabbala – $15.00

Sepher Yetzirah, the Book of Creation – $12.00

Textbook of Ancient Wisdom – $12.00

Health and Healing

Four Planes of Healing – $12.00

Fundamentals of Healing – $9.00

Healing Power – $9.00

Sahaj Yoga, the Yoga of Life – $12.00

Spiritual Power, Magnetic Healing – $9.00

Yoga, Science of Breath – $12.00

Personal Development

Asana, Breath and Mantram – $10.00

Faith, Harmony, and Meditation – $6.00

Meditation, the Science of Silence – $9.00

Neophyte and the Path, Instructions of a Master to His Chela – $5.00

Path of Mastership – $9.00

Other Subjects

Flying Saucers – $12.00

George Washington’s Vision – $6.00

Golden Treatise of Hermes (Commentary) – $12.00

Junior Lessons (for children) – by Sesheta – Book I – $9.00

Junior Lessons (for children) – by Sesheta – Book II – $9.00

Junior Lessons (for children) – by Sesheta – Book III – $9.00

Junior Lessons (for children) – by Sesheta – Book IV – $9.00

Masters Visible and Invisible – $9.00

Occult Books Catalogue (Dr. Doreal give his list of recommended reading. We do not carry these books) – $9.00

Stanzas of Dzyan (Interpretation) – $12.00

Symbolism of the Great Pyramid – $12.00

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